Hi and welcome! I’m Christina, a 33-year-old hotel- and travel obsessed writer. My feet are mostly solid planted on the ground but those Danish grounds where I grew up were exchanged for Mexican sandy beaches during most of 2019. Those beaches were then replaced by the charming streets in which Gaudí used to set foot in: Barcelona has been home since September 2019.

For 8 years, I kept the wheels turning for my General Manager at one of the largest hotels in Copenhagen. My job revolved around everything from coordinating meetings, running intro-courses for new employees, and building a guest relations programme to writing content for hotel deals and room descriptions, and hitting the go-live button when our hotel went online on Facebook back in the days.

Those were some interesting and fun years. Before the hotel adventure, I had worked four years in the sky, making sure everyone turned off their phones before take-off (remember those days before flight mode?), serving coffee, and handling crying adults during turbulence. You guessed right; I was a Flight Attendant for four years! This means that I really know the customers your travel biz is writing for.

Back to my hotel career, which was great, but all good things must come to an end to discover new paths. So even though I could easily have continued in the ever-so-exciting world that the hotel biz is, I decided together with my husband to let it all go in exchange for a year of travel. On January 7th 2019 we embarked on a one-way flight to Mexico City with our, at the time, 1,5-year-old son.

Pheew, what a ride it has been! From surfing on the pacific coast of Mexico, eating grasshopper tacos in Oaxaca to seeing the sun rise from a paddle board in Bacalar and jumping head first into a volcano lake in Guatemala. We have seen more the past seven months than many do in a lifetime.
My travel writing has followed along (see my portfolio for some of the travel features I have written), and on top of that, I have added a SEO-course and an Instagram workshop to my skill set.

About Christina Rovira

Life on the road has seen its final days though as we have settled down in sunny Barcelona, Spain, from September 2019. You’ll probably find me working at one of the fantastic co-working spaces, at a cafe, or in our tiny charming apartment. One thing is for sure, I’m never more than a text, e-mail or phone call away to help you nurture your business.

I look forward to working with you! – Christina

About Christina Rovira

Once a hotel girl – always a hotel girl. I never ever miss a chance to sneak in at a pretty boutique hotel to check their design and ambiance (…and often I go online afterwards to see how they present their product there…)