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If you are a Reservations Manager or a Hotel Manager, I assume you are busy calculating prices, updating them into the system, meeting with your sales team and clients, budgeting for next year, and being a great Manager for your team. Am I right?

Checking and updating pictures, facilities, and text material on,, Expedia, HRS etc. is on your to-do list but there’s always something more important to do…

…it’s just starting to feel exhausting because where to start in this jungle?

But at the same time, neglecting the importance of a total streamlined presence on the online booking platforms can cost a lot of money…

This is exactly where I come to your rescue. I do a thorough check of your hotel’s presence on the online booking channels. I see it as a guest would see it but multiplied with 8+ years of experience from working with booking channels and guest relations.

The result of my check is a 30 minutes personal video walk-through of how your hotel is performing on the largest online booking sites. This includes tips and tricks to optimise your content plus a very hands-on check-list for you to use afterwards.

In other words: I do the time consuming work of reviewing the sites, and you just follow the check list and update it afterwards. Easy, right?

Christina  – CR Hospitality has very unique understanding of how online content can affect a hospitality business – and most importantly how to improve it.

The hotel presentation video was an excellent way to be guided through our online content. Streamlining and improving our online content seemed like a long and complex project, however, Christina gave us a concrete check list and tools to improve and enhance our online presence.

Fantastic service and a great product, which I would recommend all busy hoteliers to try.

Britta – Reservations Manager

Why am I qualified for this job?

I spent 8 years working in a large hotel in Copenhagen as a Coordinator for the General Manager and later on as a Project Manager and Guest Relations Manager. I worked in close cooperation with the Booking Manager to keep our online presence updated at all times. We could often detect a direct change in bookings according to the pictures we uploaded. Visuals are everything these days!

At most hotels, the responsibility of the online presence lies on the shoulders of the Reservations or Revenue Manager. But they are often busy updating prices, managing a team, meeting clients, or attending meetings with the sales team. And to be honest, those people are often number crunchers and not marketing enthusiasts loving to look at content and pictures.

I use my practical knowledge of the online booking platforms with my experience as a Guest Relations Manager. Many complaints happen as a result of poor or wrong information online. With the right tools in hand, it’s so easy to prevent this. So why shouldn’t we?


The Basis package
A 30 minute personal video with a thorough review of your hotel’s presence on the online booking channels

A check-list ready to use afterwards

The video is available for 6 months and can only be accessed by a password given to you

Show travelers what they want to see

– Expedia Group

Way too many hotels just publish all their photos but that’s a mistake. Use your best photos to show your rooms and key facilities and save the excess photos. I’ll help you identify the best photos for your hotel.

Christina Rovira

Personal consultation

Do you need extra help? I offer personal consultation online via Skype or IRL in Copenhagen or Barcelona


Now, let’s get in touch and start working, shall we?