Let me help you with the following …

Blog posts with relevant well-written articles. For hotels, it can be neighbourhood guides, packing guides, and a what-not-to-pack guide where we pin-point what amenities your amazing hotel offers, or relevant travel news. If you are a travel agency, we can make general destination guides and guides to picking the right destination.


Product descriptions with your guests in focus. For example description of hotel rooms, travel packages, hotel deals, or guided tours.


Social Media captions that engage your client. You want to involve your guests, ask them questions, and share their photos of your place. I’ll help you with what to write.

Reviewing and editing of your website. Is the message clear to the guest? Are you free of annoying typos?


One-time projects

A one-time project where we can look into:

Writing one or more blog posts

Reviewing and editing your website

Making a landingpage

Text for an online catalogue

87 € / hour*

Long-term collaboration (20% discount)

4 hours per week. This could include some of the items below:

Weekly blog posts

Weekly Social Media captions

Ongoing administrative help in your business

1114 € /month

*Before starting the project, we’ll make a plan and an estimate of the total amount of hours I’ll spend. No scary surprises at the end!

Recent feedback on an online travel writing project (5 articles for a new travel website)